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You don’t HAVE to be, but I definitely recommend joining your pup for at least a few. We’ll think beyond traditional posed portraits to tell the story of your relationship in a fun and natural way. You’d be amazed at the power of camera angles and framing to flatter the subjects! I love documenting the […]

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winter scene with woman and goldendoodle in the snow

“I can never get a good picture of my dog…” Guess what? Most of the dogs I photograph aren’t formally trained. Or even sort-of trained! It’s not unusual for a dog to be on leash for the entire session. Leashes keep your best pal safe and helps keep them in place. Thanks to the wizardry […]

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Goldendoodle winter scene

Young or old, tough guy or softie, it really doesn’t matter, does it? A dog crawls up on your lap and into your heart and then before you can possibly be ready, she breaks your heart.  -Tom Conroy Ouch. More like ouch X10. It had been the day our family had dreaded ever since we […]

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dog photography southeast Minnesota yellow lab