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As a pet owner, I get it. It feels like there's always a reason to put off the hassle of getting photos taken of or with your family pets. However, before you know it your time with them is limited and you simply want to remember them forever. 

•Are you worried that your pets won't sit still?
•Concerned your dog has to stay on-leash?
•Not sure what artwork will work best in your home?

No training required. None! Your dog just has to be a dog.

Never enough time



My biggest fear was that our St. Bernard, Bo, wouldn't cooperate. Ann was so patient and prepared for everything. It went better than I could have ever imagined.

To be honest, we thought it might be weird to have a large portrait of our dog in our living room and an image box full of pictures of her. Guess what? It's not. We see them every day and it brings us joy. Lots of joy!


Our family almost didn’t have the session with Ann. We are so glad we did. We lost our 13 year old lab Sam 4 weeks after our session and we would have missed out on the keepsakes we will cherish forever. 



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Enjoy cherished artwork for a lifetime.



✓phone consultation to learn about your pet/s

✓an outdoor or studio photo session for up to two pets from the same household at our 70 acre portrait park

✓a sneak peek preview image on social media

✓a purchase appointment conducted in my studio/showroom to select your favorite images (and have some treats)

a 5in x 7in gift print of your social media preview image


*Pet sessions take place at our 70 acre private Portrait Park, complete with an indoor studio. Outdoor sessions take place a couple hours before sunset and last up to 2 hours. The session focus is to create custom portraits for pets & the people who love them.


plus tax

Your session fee does not include any digital files. prints or products, which start at $595. They are available for purchase at your purchase appointment.

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Busy life? Pet parent struggle? Let me help! No need to stress about location or pet cooperation. We'll have a blast making memories and the end result is worth it - clients love their pet portraits hanging proudly at home.

Let's make some memories together, and don't worry, treats for all!

Don't wait until it's too late


You & your pet will be guests at our 70-acre portrait park where there are many areas set up specifically for dogs. Interested in studio sessions? That's available, too!

Your dog gets distracted?

I've got good news!

No worrying about other dogs, busy parks or streets...we've got you covered!

*No training required!

A Private Escape in Southeast Minnesota

Here's why you should come to me...

Private Oasis. Distraction-Free. Endless Possibilities.

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Most of the dogs that I photograph are actually on-leash. You'll never know the leash was there after I edit your images to perfection.

Wanna know a little secret? 

•Accredited Dog Photography Masters

•International Award-Winning Pet Photographer

Smiles Guaranteed!


My dog doesn't know how to sit or stay, is that a problem?

My dog doesn't know how to sit or stay, is that a problem?

Not at all! Some of my favorite portraits are of dogs standing up. And rest assured, I have a DEEP well of unique sounds and tasty treats to grab their attention-even if it's just for a split second while I capture each image. 

My dog can't be off leash. Can I still do a session?

My dog can't be off leash. Can I still do a session?

Yes! Absolutely! Believe it or not, 95% of the dogs that I photograph are on leash. Leashes not only keep your best pal safe, but they’re also important for following local laws when photographing in urban environments (but most sessions are at my outdoor studio). You'll never know the leash was there after I edit your images to perfection.

Where are sessions held? Will you do a session at my home?

Where are sessions held?

Sessions will be held at our outdoor studio-70 private acres, the Portrait Park. There are many stations set up specifically for dog photography. Your dog can be in front of a 100+ year old bridge, a barn wood wall, tin wall, by flowers, a gorgeous valley, by or in a blue ribbon trout stream (& so many more places).

The "problem" will be narrowing down the choices! But that is a good problem and I'm here to help you with that!

My dog is super reactive to other dogs/people/bicycles. How can we do a session?

My dog is super reactive to other dogs/people/bicycles. How can we do a session?

I completely understand; the world can be a scary place for all of us sometimes. Good news! Our 70 acre property is completely private. While I can’t control the squirrels or rabbits, I can assure you there won’t be any traffic or other dogs to cause your pet to get distracted more than normal.

My dog is a never ending ball of energy. How do you manage high energy dogs?

My dog is a never ending ball of energy. How do you manage high energy dogs?

My camera shutter speed goes all the way up to 1/8000 of a second—in other words, plenty fast enough to capture even the most active dog! Our sessions never require your dog to sit, stay and behave for hours (or even minutes) on end. One of the benefits of hiring a pet-specific photographer is that I know how to work with “hyper” models and still deliver gorgeous images, jam-packed with personality.

Can I be in the images too?

Can I be in the images too?

Of course! I love documenting the wonderful connection between you and your dog. While we can certainly capture a traditional portrait of you both smiling at the camera, my clients especially love the candid images of the moments you share. If you're especially camera shy, I can still create some lovely, creative images that tell the story of your relationship. Trust me, it won't be as bad as you think! ;-)

At this time, people/pets images are only for outdoor sessions. 

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

YES! Cats!! I love cats! Most cat sessions are in my studio. I have a wealth of cat toys, catnip spray, feathers...you name it!

How much does this cost?

How much does this cost?

Your starting cost is $195 +tax and that includes the session and a 5x7 desk print (plus more...check out the Experience tab). Most clients spend around $1500 on artwork. Some spend less, some spend more. It's all up to you! Find what you love and will bring many smiles.

What time will our photo session be?

What time will our photo session be?

The most magical light for photography happens during the “golden hour,” which is why I schedule most sessions during the last two hours of daylight. I have many different stations set up for you to choose from and they are all in the best locations with optimal light. Trust me, I spend days just walking around to look for the best dreamy light. 

However, I can be a bit more flexible depending on the location and I also have lighting gear that helps give that special pop.

Studio sessions are more flexible, of course.

Is this for me?

Is this for me?

You want a full-service experience with a complete customizable session

You value quality & want to celebrate your dog through stunning artwork

Your pet will be the main focus of the session (but you should also be included in some or many of the images!)

You want a photographer who also thinks your dog is awesome & will treat her/him with the utmost love & respect

This is for you if: