“Is it weird to have artwork of my pet?”

“To be honest, we thought it might be weird to have a large portrait of our dog in our living room and an image box full of pictures of her. Guess what? It’s not. We see them every day and it brings us joy. Lots of joy!”

When I first met with Rondi and Geoff about their upcoming photo session with their Westie, Sophie, they knew I specialized in creating artwork for homes. I knew they loved wall art (my favorite) and they LOVED Sophie.

They had looked at examples on my website & during our consultation, we went over what they might want to do with their images. They said they wanted large artwork for their living room. And bedroom. And maybe even their kitchen. And…maybe even an image box full of desk prints.

But then they asked me, “Is it weird to have artwork of my pet in our house?”

Well, I’m certainly the wrong (or maybe right) person to ask! I have a room FULL of artwork of my dog and cats AND other people’s dogs. I don’t just have them in my showroom either. Why? It makes me happy. Really happy!

So, my response was, “How does it make you feel when you see Sophie?”

They both smiled.

I also asked them how they would feel seeing gorgeous artwork of Sophie on a daily basis.

Bigger smiles.

So, there’s the answer.

Strange? I say no. Whatever you value is special to you. Do what makes you happy.

Below are some of the images from Sophie’s session. Side note: Sophie is a model for my book, Woofda! (Coming out in 2023)

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