Bo, the St. Bernard Puppy

I remember when Tasha booked a session with me. Tasha, like most of my clients, was a bit hesitant about having her St. Bernard puppy (yes, Bo was a puppy!) do a session because she thought he might not cooperate and we wouldn’t be able to get many images.

Which is why I love making sure I inform my clients that their dogs have one job: to be a dog. Really, that’s it! After learning that, many are relieved, just like Tasha was.

Then during the session, we relax, take sniff breaks, water breaks, treat breaks, and in Bo’s case, sleep breaks (see the last image in his gallery)!

You don’t have to feel like you have to figure it out on your own. I’m there to help with exactly what to do.

Scroll down to see how her session turned out.

See some of Bo’s images from his session

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