One of my favorite things about the football season is watching Jimmy Fallon do NFL Tonight Show Superlatives. 

I thought...Hey, this would work for pets. 

So, I dug into my 2021 archives & pulled out some images that were the lucky winners.


Craziest Tongue & Wildest Ears

Derpiest Face

The image pretty much demonstrates why Brit won this category.

Cora wins this hands-down...but not just by this image. There were MANY of her with a goofed up face. I'm talking MANY! 

Want to see them? Head over to my Instagram account and look at a Reel made in November.
(Link to Instagram:  Instagram). Her mom was so proud of her. :-) 



Best Head Tilt

Best Kangaroo Impression

This one goes to Bogart, a very handsome Frenchie from Portland, OR. 

Along with his intense stare, he would tilt his head to the right, and then the left, and then the get the picture (pun intended).

This image also won the top 20 in a worldwide photography challenge I partook in last year. Nice job, Bogart.

That's what happens when you notice your toy duck being thrown in the water and you need to get it ASAP!

Yellow lab or kangaroo?



Best "Kiss"

Sleepiest on The Job

Oh Winnie, you love your human sister, no doubt. (Winnie also loved the peanut butter that was on Abby's nose! Thanks, took one for the team!)

The series of these images would make you smile and probably say, "Ew!" But, the laughter might have been worth it. Abby might disagree.

Would you believe Bo was still considered a puppy when this image was taken? He was a mere 8 months old during our session.

Getting him to even do a slight jog was kinda asking a lot! Let's just say he had some awesome portraits and they were tack sharp—because he didn't move. lol. 

Luckily he held it together until the end of the session.  He was thrilled to sleep in a large bed of snow.



Most Like a Ballerina 

Most Ambitious

These two were the most adorable Corgis I think I've ever seen. Louie (on the left) had the perfect "first position" ballerina pose on every image.

Stella found a stick that was at least 6X the size of her body. She was very determined to take that stick all over the yard—until she realized it didn't fit everywhere.